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ETCHING DAY by arrangement

ETCHING DAY by arrangement



Further Etching:  Softground/hardground  (course parts 1&2) hand aqautint (part 3)

Catherine will give each next session a different focus to offer something new for experienced etchers or an induction to newcomers to the wonderful world of intaglio etching. Once you have had an induction and become familliar with one technique it will be possibe to combine them to create a more complex etching and add a hand aqautint if you have previously attended courses parts 1 & 2. Challenge yourself by producing a double plate print or add in chine collé or colour; each artist will ahve the opportunity to discuss thier needs and have technical assistance as required to suit individual needs.


  (age: 18+) 10-4pm

Venue: Lawrence Art Studio, 16 Kingsthorpe Rd, Hove BN3 5HR 

An amazing opportunity to work with printmaker Catherine Greenwood at Lawrences Art Studio. Experience the delights of copper plate etching on this whole day course. Enjoy a sustainable approach to etching without the need for harsh solvents and using contemporary materials.

If you attended the first Etching Taster, bring back your plate to develop it a step further, learn plate preparation skills and start a new plate.

Please note that this session can also be attended as an Etching Induction session.


£105 10am-4pm 1pm lunch break 1-1.45 pm 

or £55 10-1pm Induction course (soft ground or hard ground only)

Including refreshments, plate, paper &  materials, if you are attending for the full day please BIY packed lunch, there are plenty of cafes on the Portland road.


Printing on an Ironbridge press onto Somerset paper, to create a soft ground copper etching. Renew your love of etching with expert guidance in a welcoming setting. This course is a basic introduction to etching for all levels.

By the end of the session you will have gained confidence in the etching process using ferric chloride onto copper, or refreshed your knowledge of etching,  also learning alternative printmaking techniques such as a la poupee or chine colle.  Returning etchers will build confidence by preparing their own second plate and developing their first one with new markmaking, combining 2 plates is also possible.


PRINT TIME: You are also welcome to bring previously made plates and paper and print when the etching press is available. Catherine can advise you on editioning and numbering your prints.


What’s included: Copper etching plate 15 x 12 cm. Use of all materials & sundries eg paper, inks, tools, metal and press.


  • Course Notes

    Etching inductions are offered to students new to etching in three parts: Hard ground, Soft ground & Sugar lift aqautint.

    The Soft Ground and Hard ground methods are offered as a half day 10-1pm and the Sugar Lift aqautint as a  Full day course. However a full day is advisable to allow yourself time to make use of the etching press, coloured inks and printing variations.

    What’s included: Copper etching plate 15 x 12 cm. Use of all materials & sundries eg paper, inks, tools, metal and press. 

    Cancellation policy: no refund can be offered, but a place transfer can be offered if notified 24 hours beforehand.  Please note that this course has  a minimum number of 4 particapants to run. You will be notified the week before.

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